Workplace Masks


No pressure on your ears. For those looking to supply your teams with masks, we have designed a mask especially for businesses. The bands wrap around the head and neck NOT over the ears which is great for all day wear. Scuba outer for better breathability and water resistant properties. Great for long haul flights.

Please contact us at and we can provide you with information on bulk orders of 50+

  • Head and neck straps - adjustable
  • Quality fabrics - 3 layers
  • Sustainable - washable and reusable

Our masks are handmade in Australia with three layers of high GSM quality fabric. They are comfortable and snug to give you the best fit.

Our masks are not medical grade masks and we make no claims that they filter 100% viruses or bacteria.

Fabric composition:

  • Outer: Scuba - Polyester/ Elastane
  • Middle: 100% Cotton 
  • Inner: 100% Cotton 

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